Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 4 – The Outside Arm

My class notes tell me the next step is the INSIDE BACK and DECK.  This is where I have elected to deviate from everything I’ve learned.  This chair is a MID-Century MODERN design that is very boxy in shape and there’s just no way I can go any further unless I tackle those boxy shaped arms!

See here?  Do you see how those arms kind of stick out, sorta like a wing chair…but no wings? This is where I must now deviate from my class notes, and now make it all up.

Loyal Followers and sometime readers, you are about to witness the Cathy Steiner Make-It-Up-As-I-Go-Along method of slip covering furniture.

(Disclaimer and Consumer Warning: The process of making a slipcover is by nature a gruesome and often ugly task.  Please, for your own protection, do not attempt these maneuvers at home.  Skilled professional stunt women were hired in the making of this production.  No animals were actually harmed.  Viewer Discretion IS Advised)

Alright, all teasing aside.  Here we go.  The first thing I did to tackle the arms was to cut a rectangle of fabric a little larger than the dimensions of my outside arm.  I pinned it in place along the welting seam line, being careful to have the grain-line perpendicular to the floor, and with a sharp PENCIL I traced off an OUTSIDE ARM piece.

The pencil line is the SEWING line so it will be covered up when I stitch the pieces together.

Just for kicks and giggles I cut out another piece of fabric for the other arm.

Next, I pinned the welting cord along the pencil line.

Here’s a good picture that shows you the shape of this arm piece.  After pinning, I sewed the cord in place, I trimmed off some excess fabric and clipped and notched the curves.

The outside arm is done.  Next stop, INSIDE ARM!