Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 6 – The Inside Back

I’m all finished with the arms.  Whew!!!  That took a while but I’m all finished with that phase on this chair!!! Yeah Me! As it turned out the left side did come out much better then the right side.

The extra marking really helped and the sewing was much faster too.

Now it’s time to attach the INSIDE BACK.


I lay out the piece of fabric for the inside back and tuck it slightly into the crevice between the arm and back.

Then I take my pencil and draw a sewing line on the inside back piece.  I also have another pencil sewing line on the inside arm piece as well.  I mark a few matching locations for the two pieces, remove the slip and sew the pieces together.

I’m getting CLOSER!!!

Friends, just when I was finishing this step there was a loud crash at the window.  I look up and there is a SPLAT!

It’s hard to see but sorta in the upper center you can see a blob.  I go outside and it’s a little finch!

She’s still alive, poor thing, but completely stunned and no doubt a very severe headache!

I think she’ll make it.  I put her on the branches of our blue spruce tree, kind of hidden in there, for her to recover and she let me get this photo.

She’s so sweet!  Tweet tweet!

Stay tuned!  I’m putting on the Outside Back next!


2 thoughts on “Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 6 – The Inside Back”

  1. I think I am going to like this look! Especially with the throw pillows you have displayed in other photos. I suppose with animals lounging all over the place why get excited about a few wrinkles? I’ve always wanted to tackle a project like this but never had the get up and go to start! It looks like you are doing a great job and making it look kind of easy at that. Thanks for all the pictures, I’m really enjoying it. What did Chloe think about the bird? That is amazing the poor little thing was still alive, maybe the screen cushioned its impact. You sure do have an exciting life.
    love, MOM


    1. The wrinkles look like they are supposed to be there now! In the beginning I was a little worried but they actually make it look lived in!
      Just stay tuned for the reveal! The finished chair appears this week!

      When I went out later in the day to see if I could find the bird again it was gone. So I hope it escaped! But that Chloe…she’s a birder so hopefully she won’t get eaten! Chloe was inside getting her day beauty sleep when all this commotion was going on!

      Thanks Mom!


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