Save the Cat Slipcover Project – Part 7 – The Outside Back

Whoo Hoo!  I’m now back to the Outside Back!

I pin the Outside Back piece all the way around.  This is the technique I learned in the slip covering class and I will have to say it is quite brilliant!

I have no idea if this is an original technique of Karen Erikson or if it has been around awhile but here is how it works.

Put the pins in perpendicular to the seam line. Then take off the slip cover, pins still attached and ‘Stith In The Ditch’!

Then after the ditch stitching and all the pins are removed, turn it inside out and stitch closer into the cord.

Here I’m trying to get my foot in real close to the cording.  By doing this you’ll cover up the in the ditch stitching.  I couldn’t believe how easy this technique was!  And it really worked!

Surprise Surprise!

Next up…THE DECK!