Off the beaten trail

This is what I mean by Entertainment Value! — the chipmunk chase!

Jim came inside this afternoon from the backyard to tell me to come outside quick.  Chloe Scissor Paws had cornered a chipmunk up the Lilac tree.

You can see Chloe there under that branch looking up.



What is she looking at?  I just can’t see it.

OH!  There’s the little guy!

Oh boy.  This little critter was in a serious pickle.

I mean, one just can’t live on a Lilac branch forever.
What do you think a Chipmunk thinks when THIS is staring up at you?

Do I stay here?

Do I make a run for it?

Let’s see,

If I slowly make my way down the branch nobody is going to notice right?

Whew!  I blend in!  Now what?


Dah ta dun tah! Dun ta Dah! Dah tun dah doo! Dun to dun da Dah!  (Indiana Jones theme there).

Somebody wake the dog up.

Wait for me Chloe!

Ew!  What is it?  It’s not moving.  Is it a new friend?

Good grief dog!  Do I have to do everything around here?  It’s lunch!

You know some of US have to work around here!

Ya, but it’s cute!  I think it likes me!

Oap!  I think Mom’s calling!


When does the dog go off to college?  I totally could of had it!

(no animals…wild or tame…were harmed)