In the Studio

Uggh…’cough’, ‘cough’

Gosh, I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks!  Friends, the wet weather combined with pollen has left my lungs in an upper respiratory funk.

Lilac in bloom

I think every spring I get some sort of seasonal induced cough and sneeze.  It usually knocks me out for a few days followed by two weeks of getting it out of the system.  The last two times I’ve gone to the doctor the prescription has been Claritin with a decongestant and Mucinex.  Basically a super sized Cold Medicine recipe.

This  is what my family room has looked like for the past three weeks!  I just haven’t had any energy to get in there and get cracking on this project! Uggh!  I did get the arms almost finished so now that I’m feeling a little better I should be good to get going on this project.

I hate it when the house is torn up like this but what’s a girl to do?

My friends have asked if I’ve given the cat up yet and still the answer is a complete NO!  Are you kidding?  The entertainment value of that animal is well worth all this mess.