FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

FREE Stuff Challenge Day 2 – The Dry Idea golden ticket!

Well I forgot to take a picture of the Buy One Get One FREE coupon I had clipped out of the paper coupon circular before I used it today but it turned out to be a very golden ticket.

Today I’m back at Walgreens.  I was looking into my clipped coupons and discovered that I had a Buy One Get One Free that I could use with a Walgreens Buy One Get One Free SALE!

Friends, if you ever can find one of these combos you can get BOTH of these items for FREE!

I didn’t believe it when someone first showed me this trick but it’s true.  You buy one at regular price and the scanner will pick up the second for $0.00.  Then when your transaction is all done you hand the clerk your coupon which takes off the regular price.  Then viola!  Both are at $0.00!!!

So let’s take antiperspirant and deodorant off the shopping list for a while, I’m stocked up!

Transaction: I brought two of these to the register.  Both rang up at $4.49 but the register took out one of the $4.49 at the end.  Then I handed over my coupon and the register scanned out another $4.49.

Out of Pocket: $0.00

Results: 2 FREE items!

Rolling Out of Pocket: $2.05

More tomorrow!