FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

FREE Stuff Challenge Day 3 – Sunscreen

Still at Walgreens today.  I need to re-stock my sunscreen for the summer.

Wow…sunscreen is EXPENSIVE!

$11.99 for just one tube.  Hmmm.  So here is where I try to get the best deal possible.  Walgreens was having a Buy One Get One FREE sale on Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic products.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a BOGO coupon to match with it but I did have a couple of $1.oo off coupons I could use.

Transaction: I found two bottles that had BONUS tubes attached to them, one was a Sport and another an Ultra Defense.  This increased the amount of sunscreen I would get.  Not bad.  Then I noticed an in-house special sign at Walgreens that assured me I’d be able to get a FREE tube of Aloe Vera gel with the purchase of two sunscreens.  Whoo Hoo!  FREE!  I gave my TWO $1.00 off coupons to the cashier to reduce my out of pocket.  Remember, I still had to buy one of these sunscreens…which I’m okay with as I need to get it anyway and I don’t think I’ll find a sunscreen golden ticket like I did with the Dry Idea.

Out of Pocket: $9.99

Results: Two bottles of sunscreen, two tubes of additional sunscreen and a FREE tube of Aloe Vera gel.  I’m now stocked for the season!

Rolling Out Of Pocket: $12.04