FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff Challenge Day 10 – More FREE Coffee!

Hello Again!

What’s up with all these new coffee drinks coming on the market?  Last week it was ILLY brand, which by the way, I did have one of them last week iced and it was pretty good.  Not sure if it’s worth $2.00 a can but if ever I see it again on sale I’d be tempted to pick one up!

Today I thought for sure I would not find these Seattle’s Best brand coffee drinks but I stopped at Dominick’s last night and found them!  None too early though, just a few left on the shelves!

In case you missed it, there was a coupon in the Sunday circular this past weekend for a FREE can of these coffees.  And guess what?  I had 4 coupons!

So 4 FREE coffee drinks!

Transaction: I picked up 4 cans and brought them to the register, handed over my coupons.  They all rang up at $1.69 each but the coupon only took off $1.49.  The clerk caught the error and backed out .80 cents.  The coupon says it is up to $1.79 so she wasn’t sure why it wasn’t scanning correctly.  Anyway…FREE!

Out of Pocket: $0.00

Rolling Out of Pocket: $20.07