FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff Challenge Day 9 – Picking Herbs

Hello Again!

Mexican Oregano

In the summer, herbs are growing everywhere!  Why not pick yourself some?  Some of it can be found in the wild, like many mints such as Catnip and Spearmint, and many other herbs can be planted once in your yard and will come back year after year after year.


Here is what is growing in our yard:
Marjoram – planted 2 years ago
Chives – planted last summer
Sage – planted last summer
Lemon Thyme – planted 2 years ago
Mexican Oregano – planted 3 years ago
Lemon Balm – existed at the house since we bought it (’96)
Rhubarb – planted 3 years ago
Green Onions  – NEW! – Neighbors brought us a bag full of sprouts!


Out in the WILD I can also pick up:
Catnip – along the creek it grows wild, the landscapers run it over with their lawnmowers, I can usually find a stalk or two.  Sometimes the seeds sprout in my yard which I’ll just let it grow until I can harvest it and then pull it up!
Spearmint – same thing, this grows wild and can usually be found in grass or the seeds blow into the yard.


Transaction: Just watch it grow and harvest!

Out of Pocket: $0.00

Rolling Out of Pocket: $20.07