Free Stuff Challenge Day 12 – Free SoBe Water!

Hey All!  Whew!  With this serious heat wave happening I’m glad I can find some liquid refreshments for my FREE deals!  It was 95 degrees yesterday!

Walgreens is having a SoBe water deal this week so I’ve picked up a few so far.  This is the same type of deal as the ILLY coffee deal from last week.  You pay .99c for the water and Walgreens gives you a .99c Register Reward after you check out.

So basically you pay for the water and then lock yourself in to purchase something else from Walgreens in the next two weeks.

So as you can imagine, in the next two weeks we are going to be on the look out for some good deals at Walgreens as now that they’ve given me my money back I’m still going to want to maximize any purchase!

I’m not sure if I love these register rewards promos…so much pressure!

Transaction: I picked up one of these waters in the morning and another in the afternoon.  Only 1 register reward will print per transaction so I had to do two.

Out of pocket: $2.16 with $1.98 back in register rewards.  I still had to pay the sales tax!

Rolling out of pocket: $22.23