FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff Challenge Day 13 – Free Money to Buy Groceries! Love This! But Fair Warning…it got complicated!

Hi Again!

So here is something I discovered yesterday at Jewel!

They are running a gift card promotion that if you spend $100 on gift cards you’ll get a coupon worth $20 off your next shopping order!  Whoot!

Friends, that’s like giving me a 20 dollar bill!!!!

How so?  Well all I could think of was what do I spend my money on each week and the thought of GAS was high on the list!  I bought 2 $50 dollar gas cards which will last me about 2 weeks worth of fill ups (I drive about 350 miles each week!).

So what do I buy with that $20 FREE GROCERY CASH?

A basket full of groceries!

The combination of items look a little weird but here’s how I chose what I’d be getting;

First of all I’m working on getting the ingredients for a meal plan (an up and coming post) so I first looked for some of those ingredients…chicken, basil leaves, frozen hash browns and then picked up the grapes that were on sale.

Then I had looked through the sales flyer and noticed the special on Taco Seasonings, save $5.00 off of 10, on sale for .99c so when purchasing 10 that price will drop to .49c per packet.  I picked up 10 of those.  Next I needed to make sure I had $20 worth of groceries in the basket at check out or else I wouldn’t be able to use my coupon!  So off I was to hunt down some specials that I could match up with a coupon.

The Stouffer’s Saute for Two went in the basket, so did the Lunchable but here’s where I slightly messed up a little bit.  The Coke, Skittles, and Hershey’s promo was a complicated stack of buy two of this get two of these, buy one, get one free etc.  I misread the size of the Skittles package on this:

and tried to be a genius a check out!

Friends, all I can say is DON’T TRY TO BE A GENIUS AT CHECK OUT!

Here’s how my Genius Smack Down played out;

I had picked up the single serve packs and not these larger sizes…oops!  And ended up paying full price for the skittles.  Here are some of the other promos and coupons I used:

Buy 2 for $3 and get the two chocolate bars.

Stacked with a couple of Buy One Get One Free coupons…so all 4 bars were free and then I had a save $1.50 off of a Coke when you buy skittles…and I also had (not shown) another coupon for $1.00 off of a coke as part of the 1 million give away that was running last week.

I guess I got a little excited when I saw the Skittles promo too!  At check out the coupon beeped (embarrassing) and the cashier told me I had the wrong size.  Oh well!  I had to go back and read it to make sure!  YUP, she was right!  I was so flustered that I didn’t even think about just handing her back two of the Skittles.  I just ended up swiping my debit card and getting out of there!

But wow!  I did pretty good with my free $20 huh?  Genius Smack Down and all!

Transaction: I put $50 on 2 BP gas cards (I’m not going to count this as my out of pocket as I’m just putting money onto a gift card and haven’t spent anything), by doing that, I received a $20 coupon towards my next Jewel Shopping Experience!  I went through the check out first to get the gift cards and coupon, and went back to pick up my shopping cart to do the rest of my shopping.

Out of Pocket: Because I messed up and got all flustered I just ended up paying for my Skittles.  All told the total was $6.41

Rolling Out of Pocket: $28.64

Whoot!  Promise not to be too much of a shopping genius next time!  Till then…