FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 16 – My Walgreens Trip! Lip Balm, Allergy Meds, Puffs, Fruictis, Nail Polish

Hi, Miss me?

Once again I’m back at Walgreens.  Now that I’ve been armed with my $25 dollars worth of more free stuff gift card I have not been shy about using it!

Mostly it has been nice to use for the incidental tax and other items I’m picking up along with my freebies!

So for today’s entry I’m going to tell you what I picked up at Walgreens prior to my softball game…which as you all know by now ended up being the detriment to my walking existence for a while.

I’ve kinda figured out that when Walgreens advertises one of their freebie offers you need to get there early.

This was the item that was featured in the coupon circular.  I walked the store for about 10 minutes before I asked someone if they could tell me where it was.

Turns out I needed to go ask Edgar at the front.  He had a stash behind the counter.  Perfect.  So Edgar and I talked for a bit and he handed over some allergy meds to me.  The package says they are NEW so it’s worth it to give it a shot.  Remember everyone that any drug dealer worth their salt always gives you the first one FREE! Ha ha ha!  But really, kinda funny right?

Then next it was off to find the Blistex Lip Balm for men.  I love that, so wasn’t Blistex always for men?  I guess now there really is a Men’s version of Blistex.  No perfumes, flavors or colors…just straight up lip smack’in protection!

I stopped by the tissue area and picked up two boxes of Puffs and also put in a newspaper (need the coupons!) and after about another 2 or so minutes not being able to locate this product, it dawned on me that I needed to just go back to Edgar to see if he was hiding them!

Sure enough, Edgar had a mini stash under the counter.  Only 12 came in and I got the third to the last one.  See…you have to get there early!  I was at the store about noon and already nearly out of luck!

Here’s the Transaction:
1 Blistex For Men, on sale for $2.00
1 Walgreens Allergy Medicine, on sale for $3.99
2 Puffs 200 sheet family packs, on sale 2/$3.00
1 Chicago Tribune, $1.99
Now here’s the fun part, I handed over 4 register rewards coupons worth .99c each.  These were from the Sobe water last week and another $4.00 register reward that I got for buying Fructis Shampoo last week.  I didn’t put a post in about that but I did use my Walgreens gift card to pay for all of it…actually…here’s a pic:

All this was FREE too as not only did I do the deals but I also used that ol’ free gift card to pay the balance!

Anyway, the $4  RR came from this shampoo deal.

OOP: $0.00  (Total before gift card: $3.59), I received another $4.00 register reward and a $1.00 register reward for the blistex and ANOTHER $1.00 register reward for the PUFFS (this made the 200 sheet family size box of PUFFS $1.00 — a great deal in my opinion!)

But still, I’m not out ANY money yet!  Whoo Hoo!

Rolling Out Of Pocket: $28.64

Whew!  That was a long one!  Okay…now I need to see if there’s something I can get for free just sitting here… wish me luck!