FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

FREE Stuff Challenge Day 15 – Let’s Talk More About Gift Cards

Hi Everyone!

Well I’m back and I’m laid up in my chair with my leg resting so I have some time to catch up on my last few days of this challenge.

For post 15 I wanted to tell you another way you can get free money.  This time, instead of buying gift cards like I did at Jewel to get a $20 coupon I went to my credit card account and checked to see what was available in their rewards program.  It turned out that they DO offer to cash out your reward credits into gift cards!

Now, if you don’t have a credit card that has a rewards program like this, I strongly recommend one!  The only thing that I also recommend is to PAY OFF your credit card every single month.  I use 1 credit card that I use for all my basics; gas, food, clothes, entertainment etc.  It’s easy to look over the bill and see how much I owe each month.

I even can go online and see the charges and what I owe in real-time.  But what makes this nice is that I earn points that can get turned into Gift Cards!  So last week the 4 cards I ordered came in.

$50 Shell
$25 Walgreens
$25 Barnes & Noble
$25 Walmart

So $125 worth of more STUFF,  ALL FREE!

Transaction: I ordered my cards online through my credit card issuer.  About a week later they arrived.  So far I’ve given two as gifts, filled up my tank with gas from Shell and have been using my Walgreens on lots of fun stuff!

Friends, I really am going to have to do a run through of everything I got for free these past two weeks.  I’m sorta getting a little overwhelmed!

Out of Pocket: $0.00

Rolling Out of Pocket: $28.64