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Update on the Knee – Ewwww!

Today was the day I finally had the appointment with an Orthopedic doctor.  Yes, it’s been 4 days since the injury and this is the 3rd doctor.

This is how our HMO’s work.  And this is the ‘URGENT’ response and I know you all want to get me started on medical care right?

Well here she is!

Sorry about the poor image, but I thought a really great image might give you the squeemies.

I finally had a little relief after the visit.  At first the doctor..

Ooohhh   Ooooh Backstory, Backstory!

I brought Einstein!  Ooohhh, I forgot to tell you!  I wasn’t going to bring him at first but I had it in my mind that hell or high water I was going to get out of the house and go to work today.  After all, I had an appointment that I needed to get to and I’d done the preliminary safe driving test last night to McD’s so I knew I could do it.

As you know from my post yesterday I was totally going to leave Einstein home but when I got to the door he was ready to go too!  So I thought about it and then this little bugger of an idea came to me.  Bring Einstein to the Doctor’s Office!  It would be awesome.  If they ask me to leave then they’ll have to watch me hobble out.  Classic!!!!

I was giddy…you see, I was going back to the place that gave me so much trouble three years ago when I had the foot problem.  Remember that?  Briefly; I went to see a doctor because I pulled something in my foot (I know…the older I get the more injuries I get!) and they sent me for a mammogram…and did NOTHING for my foot.  And it wasn’t until 2 WEEKS later that someone actually read the x-rays…it was just a nightmare.

So when I got my referral and it said I needed to go back to this place at first I was like “oh no…here we go again…I’m going to be a real snit if they pull the mammogram treatment on me”.  So I decided to bring Einstein.

Well it turned out that everyone there was in love with him (boy!  had I only had a dog three years ago!) except for the doctor.  He was a little bit confused.  He came in the room and asked me why I was there.  Attitude!

He was kinda going a little nuts too about the dog and asked the nurses why I had a service dog.  I just laid back on the table and smiled!  Ahhhh payback is great!

Anyway, after he sticked me with a needle he started to warm up a bit and asked about Einstein.  Einstein BTW was in the corner on the floor with his head in his paws just being very quite and out of the way.  Completely behaved.  And while the Doc was sucking blood out of the syringe and squeezing my knee (ouch) I was professing that Einstein is experiencing just one more thing that will make him a great match to someone with a disability.

So Einstein was the ice-breaker.  After that, the Doc was really quite friendly and we had a great meeting, my knee felt a little better, and he didn’t think it was too too bad and wanted me to come back in two weeks after the rest of the swelling comes down.

We still won’t know what is torn but he seemed to think that it could just be the lining in the knee…but who knows.

So that’s that…

Friends, I’m trying to work on my freebies but I will tell you…it’s tough!

We’ll chat tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Update on the Knee – Ewwww!”

  1. You think this is bad? just wait til obamacare takes over. It’s funny how we can let things go until it’s absolutely intolerable and then we fix it. No one who has to get medical care seems to have good feelings about it. AAHH, but they are including gardens in the new Escondido hospital that will be finished in 2015. It’s supposed to make the patients get well faster because having something pleasant to look at will improve their attitude. Isn’t that innovative? Wonder who walked away with the hefty bonus for that idea.
    Well, glad to hear you were able to drive to work. I don’t know how, but hope it wansn’t too difficult. Sounds like Einstein is getting well trained. What a joy that must be.
    Love, MOM


    1. Thanks Mom!
      Yes, I think I’m out of commission for a while. Thank goodness for friends that are coming over to help. I don’t like the HMO but that is the most I’m going to pay for right now. We are relatively healthy so I guess I just have to work through the system. At least I hope to get something out of all the premiums I’ve been paying over the last 20 years!!!
      Just got the emergency room bill. The drug was under $4, impressive, but the leg splint was $400! Just hilarious.
      Love you!


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