FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 20 – Free Photo Collage

Howdy Friends,

I saw this little promo and I was just curious how my photos would come out.  I know it’s supposed to be for Father’s Day but isn’t Jim sorta like a Father figure to our little Einstein?

So I signed up at and created this little collage all online and at checkout just typed in 1FREEBIE and voila!  My free photo collage!

This was really easy to do and I’m really quite pleased with the results!  I only had one photo that I think was too condensed to come out really clear but I’m glad I put it in there…you know…just to see what would happen!  It’s the one with Einstein at the VA hospital (lower right hand corner).

Anyway, I have one more post to round out week three of this challenge.  I’m doing it people!  Even though I can hardly move, I can’t believe just how much is out there… this is just so fun!

Out of pocket: $0.00