FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 21 – How to score a free drink!


Today was the day I was going to take advantage of the Free Wine Tasting at our local beverage store here in Palatine.  The place is called Dobby’s and they usually do at least one of these a month, sometimes two.

Well today was the Summer Red and White Wines and I really wanted to go but I tell ya.  This knee thing is a real bummer!

I took advantage of the day to ask my sister if she would come and take me shopping.  I needed to go shopping in a very big way.  You see, this little brace thingy that I have to wear really only works if I have it next to my skin.  I’ve tried to wear pants underneath it but my pants keep slipping down!  So that’s not a good look if you know what I mean?

So I asked sis if she would take me to look for some skirts.  I thought about sewing something but I really need them now.  I just can’t hold out any longer…plus I have no idea how would be able to stand to cut out some fabric.  Eiggh!

But let’s get back to that wine tasting.  What can I do today for my freebie?  Well, in the spirit of alcohol I’m cashing in my Free Drink Chip I received when we helped out at the VA Hospital awhile back.  Remember that?

To get the free drink I had to volunteer.  That’s it.  That’s the secret.  That’s how to get your free drink.  Just volunteer your time and usually something really wonderful happens.  In this case, not only was it so great to volunteer but I received this little token that’s been sitting on my dresser for over a month!

And sometime today, between the painkillers, I’ll be using this little token.

Have a great day!