FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 27 – Chimmies and Picking Cherries

Hi Everyone,

I just finished a wonderful Chimichanga brought to me by my friend Dan.  He actually brought me three last night to keep in the fridge and hoped if I needed one for lunches there’d be enough.  Let me tell you, I just finished the first one tonight for dinner and it was so so good!  Thank you Dan!  They are awesome! Yum!

You know, I didn’t intend to get some of these sympathy meals but last weekend Jim and I stopped off at our friends’ 3rd of July party and we weren’t there but 10 minutes before so many people offered to help.  Such a wonderful feeling knowing that we can count on friends.

And I know I am very independent so it’s one of those things to say I don’t need the help, but I’ll be honest with you, I think if someone goes out of their way to say they want to help, I let them…and I really DO need the help.  Sure, I could do it, you know…feed me and everything, but I can’t take the dog out for a walk and cooking is kinda a pain in the butt.

Who knew that I’d need a third hand to transport anything on a plate?  Until you can’t do something you just don’t realize how much we take for granted!

Anyway.  So I thought about my freebie item today so for dessert I went outside to my cherry tree, the one we planted two years ago and picked a handful of cherries.

It is still a tiny little tree but there was enough to give me a handful.  So, so good!

I’ll need to leave some on the tree for Jim when he gets home.  It’s fun to just pick the fruit and eat it right from the source!  Talk about fresh!

Out of Pocket: $0.00