FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 28 – A Goofy Patriotic Hat, (MIC)

MIC – Made In China

Not that there’s anything wrong with China but I always find it funny when patriotic inspired novelties are made in another country.  It just cracks me up.  I mean, can somebody local make this stuff?

So today at work I received this hat.

The UPS delivery contained a very large box and when my boss opened it up he couldn’t believe how much stuff was in the box! So he started handing out the contents.

I vaguely heard him say something about meeting someone and that someone said something about sending him something.  See, real vague.  So this huge box shows up and he’s passing out hats and glow necklaces to everyone.  For all I know this stuff is coming from his wife’s side chochky business and he’s sick of seeing this stuff around his house!  Ha ha LOL!

But this is Chicago and who knows, maybe there’s some kind of back rubbing going on.  I like the idea of the husband passing off the wife’s chochky collection myself.  Anyway, I now have a 4th of July hat to wear, compliments of some dude and an army of Chinese labor!

Out of pocket: $0.00