FREE Stuff for a Month Challenge

Free Stuff For A Month Challenge Day 29 – Spending My Register Rewards

Greetings again everyone,

Today I am at a crossroads of sorts.  Remember all those Register Rewards I received a week or so ago when I picked up the Blistex, Allergy meds and shampoo at Walgreens?  It was right before the softball knee blowout so that’s almost two weeks ago.  Well guess what?  Those $6.00 dollars worth of Register Rewards are going to expire!  Soon!

This is the part about these Register Rewards that I don’t like.  They just can’t stay locked away in the wallet to use whenever you want.  You have to use them before they expire.  It’s a use it or lose it program and  unfortunately, if you don’t have anything to buy this can be a problem!

I certainly am not in any position to maximize my register rewards and the sales flyer this week hardly has anything worth getting.  Uggh!

So here’s what I did.

I matched up some sales with my coupons and used the remaining balance on my Walgreens Gift Card I received free.  I knew I’d probably have some out of pocket as some of the stuff was a little expensive (the nuts and the lipstick/gloss).  All told, Out of Pocket was $11.73 with savings of $29.15It still felt like I was spending a lot of money though.  I mean, some cereal, some lip stick and some nuts.  I just can’t believe how much stuff really is!

This really wasn’t a complicated transaction but let me tell you what happened at the register.  First off, I’m on crutches.  So with one crutch in my right hand/arm and my left hand pulling my cart up to the counter I unloaded my 7 items and the fella behind the counter (not Edgar unfortunately…new guy, just started, retired, first day with coupons…eeeg) and he scanned everything including my coupons.  Then, when he scanned those register rewards the register refused them!  Whaaaaaat?

His error message was coupons exceed transaction or something like that.  He told me I had to pick and choose which coupons I  wanted to use.  Seriously?  Frankly, I stood there, crutch in hand and all, and explained that ALL of the coupons needed to be used.  This was a simple transaction and my whole point was to use up those register rewards that were going to expire!  The very ones that he was telling me to pick and choose!

He said a manager could come up.  So all you couponers out there this is the type of situation that drives me crazy and one of the big reasons why many people don’t like to use coupons.  We don’t want to be one of ‘Them’.  You know, those people that hold up the line.  We don’t want to embarrass ourselves right?

I could care less.  Friends, when you have a busted knee, all scruples go out the window and the crutch becomes a staff of power!  I am crutch woman!  Hear me ROAR!  LOL.

So she manager came up and couldn’t figure it out either.  She decided to back everything out and do the transaction with the coupons for everything one by one.

First was the Kellogg cereal.  I buy the Rice Krispies for Rice Krispie treats and crunch bars.  One box is about the amount for one batch of Rice Krispie treats.  I used a $1.00 off three coupon so I needed to get three boxes in order to use the coupon.  The sale was $1.99 per box.

With the coupon, that brings the cereal down to $1.66 per box.  Not a great deal but I’m okay with it.

Then it’s the Emerald Nuts.  These, come to find out, are really expensive!  I debated if I should even get them.  On sale for $6.49 each I did what is called stacking of coupons to save $2.50 off of the two.I stacked the $1.50 coupon with this $1.00 off two coupon that is found in the store inside this June savings booklet. You can do this type of stacking because one is a Walgreens store coupon and the other is a manufacturers coupon.  So this brings my two nuts to a total of $12.98 less $2.50, or $10. 48.  I still think that is way way too much for nuts but I guess I haven’t priced out nuts in a while.

Then it’s the lipstick’s turn and I am a sucker for Taylor Swift.  Put her on a Cover Girl advertisement and I just want to be HER!  It will work every time!  Heck, at one point in time I wanted to be Queen Latifah just because of her easy breezy beautiful Cover Girl commercials.

I digress…lipstick.  Back to lipstick.

The sale is Buy 1 get 1 50% off and Taylor Swift is giving me a coupon for $5.00 off 2.  Alright, I could use a new fresh stick of lipstick or two!  Ooooh, Sandstone and Hibiscus!  How delicious!  Wow…$7.49 each?  Seriously?  I hope that coupon can get the price down!

Two lipsticks at $7.49, less 1 at 50% off, less $5.00 coupon.
$6.23 for the two, not sooooo bad.

Then, as if this wasn’t torture enough, Ms. Manager from the back scanned the register rewards again and the same thing happened.  And once again she couldn’t figure it out, looked at me as if to say “hey lady, can’t you just buy something else?” or for lack of quick wit tell me I couldn’t use them, but then unexpectantly, she caved.  She somehow coaxed out of the machine my $6.00, scribbled some illegible initials on the register rewards and I was FREE.  Free at last to get on with my swiping of my gift card.

The remainder of my gift card was swallowed up and the balance was swiped off my bank card.  Amazing how electronic money works.  I’m still amazed by that.

Whew!  Friends, this was a long post.  Sorry for that, but now you know why it has taken a few days!  If you’ve managed to read this in its entirety, first of all, thank you loyal reader, but in all honesty I can probably infer one of two things about you.  One is that you have too much time on your hands and enjoy reading long drawn out posts about cereal, nuts and lipstick.  Gosh, who doesn’t?  And/Or two, you just love reading what I have to say (write) and actually can’t wait to get out and try some of these little scenarios.  Or maybe you just had a craving for Rice Krispie treats!  Either one, thanks for hanging out!

Share your experiences with register rewards, I’d love to hear them!

Out of Pocket: $11.73

Rolling Out of Pocket: $40.37