2nd T-Shirt Rug is Done!

I finished the t-shirt rug this afternoon.  I had three blue t-shirts to round off the end of it.  The rug is a little bit bigger than the last one I did, but still small enough to fit in the bathroom or in the hallway.t-shirt rugI really, really LOVE the colors in this one, but that’s just me because I really, really love greens and blues with splashes of yellow.  Einstein took a likeing to the new rug.  He thought it was his new pad!C’mon Einstein!  You are such a knucklehead!

This project was really super easy, much easier than the 1st one I did by hand.  I highly recommend turning your t-shirts into one of these rugs!

Next up, I need to look over some of the other projects that got started that I need to finish up.  Still can’t get to the couch slipcover due to not being able to bend my left knee so I’ll leave that project on the back burner for now.  But I know I’ve got a quilt top, a poncho, and a pair of pants that need to get finished!


3 thoughts on “2nd T-Shirt Rug is Done!”

  1. I really love this rug too! It’s hard to believe it could all be t-shirts. It’s so colorful. And… I guess blue is my favorite color. It should look very nice in the hall bath.
    Hope your new medical team is helpful in getting you back up to speed. I can’t believe the story you told, but I think that is why everyone is so up in arms about health care. What kind of insurance does one need these days? I am really naive because it seems we have lucked out with our Tricare. Hope it lasts!

  2. Hi there! I realize this is an old post, but I was hoping you could tell me approximately how many shirts a rug this size uses. I am making one with several 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, and I am using your method for cutting the bottom of the shirts into a long, continuous strip from your Braid-along. I am not using the top portion of the shirts at this time. Thanks!

    1. Okay, here is this post with the links to the whole braid-a-long that should help to answer those questions.

      I would say, have the kids bring 10-12 t-shirts. The rug is about 30″-36″ in diameter. The problem is when you have a child bring 10 xtra small t-shirts vs a child that brings 10 xtra large t-shirts. There will be more t shirt in the xtra larges. But the good news is they can just keep adding on if they want to use more…


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