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Oh How Thy Love Tempt Me

The email read:

“You might want to check this out!”



with a link to this wonderful photo gallery.

Friends,  I have one of the most amazing husbands on the planet, truly I do!  What husband do you know of ANY sewer actually ENCOURAGES their spouse to INDULGE in the time-honored sewer’s tradition of purchasing more and more fabric and/or sewing/quilting supplies?

To be truthful, we both look out for each other.  I look out for great sales on woodworking items and he keeps tabs on the latest in sewing specials.  He’s an avid auction hunter so this just came naturally.  And in truth we are on our way to Ft. Wayne this weekend so how great will it be to be able to take in an auction while we are there!

Here’s to the Auction!  I knew there was a reason we own a truck!  LOL!