Scenes From the Dashboard Series

Scenes From The Dashboard – What Is It?

Hi Everyone,

On our trip to Indiana we followed an ‘Oversize Load’.  Can you guess what this thing is?

It looks like a big fin of a gigantic whale.But we think it most definitely is one of the arms of a gigantic wind turbine (windmill).

This picture is a grab from the internet… source unknown but it looks exactly like the current state of the fields across Indiana and Illinois.

Personally, as this is my blog and I do get the chance to opine on these matters, I HATE these windmills.  With passion.  Cant, cant, cant stand them.

If you have ever driven across this land to see what the before looked like and then see the after you will be shocked.  For the years I drove home to Chicagoland from Purdue I would sometimes take route 236 to 41.  This takes you on a route through miles and miles of Midwest prairie land, cornfields, soy bean fields and through small towns.  One of the most gorgeous sites is to watch the sunset over these fields and see the glow across the prairie.

Today, as far as you can see are these windmills.  Not only is this view obstructed, they are loud, they are BIG, and at night they blink.  Yes, blink.  Each one holds a red light that blinks on and off.  A warning for any air traffic. Pulsing.  At night, as far as the eye can see, red lights pulse across the landscape, eerily haunting and very distracting.  I cringe at just looking at what the landscape has become and for what?  The windmills do not produce near enough energy to supply even 5% of the energy needed for these two states.  It is just awful.

I can’t imagine what the landscape will look like in 5, even 10 more years.  The Canadian Geese and many other migratory birds won’t stand a chance.  They’ll be batted from the sky as if they were a ball in a pin ball machine.

Alright…I’ll stop.  It is what it is.

I want to show you next what I picked up at the auction!