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ACL’s, PCL’s, Meniscus Oh My! Oh My! My MRI!

Well here she is…

MRI of Cathy's Left Knee

My non-medical Google degree is telling me there is something not quite right with my ACL, some meniscus (on some other slides) and some really real revelation that I have one fatty fat pad and surrounding fat stores in my leg!!! LOL!

The MRI was on Tuesday this week and I’ve been staring at these MRI pictures off and on these last few days.  I think I’ve seen several You Tube videos too about the anatomy of the knee and doctors moving legs around testing their ligaments.  I feel quite educated.

But I can’t make out much more than this looks like it could make a good cut of beef with some well-rounded marbling if you know what I mean?  From what I understand I’m supposed to see a black band going from the back of the femur to the front of the tibia.  I see some black but it’s all messed up and not complete.  This slide is as close to what I can make out from any of the other slides.

In another view I can completely make out the PCL band which, to me, looks good.  Once again, that’s after hours of Google Medical School mind you that I’ve come to that conclusion.

Cathy's PCL band...hey hey! I have a PCL!

The PCL band is supposed to go from the front of the femur to the back of the tibia, which you can clearly see a black band doing just that above.  Dr. Kim didn’t think I had a problem with my ACL though (even though the Emergency room doc and my primary care doc thought it possible).  He was interested in the MCL which is the ligament that runs along the inside of the knee.

I have no idea on that one.  I have lots of images but I would definitely need to go to school to figure it out.

My next appointment is Monday, which I’m supposed to get the results of these images.  There were 160 images taken so hopefully in at least a few of them will explain whatever occurred on that day at the softball game.  I just have this dreaded feeling that I’m going to be hobbling for some time to come!

Hope you all are having a lovely day!

I know I will have a splendid day as soon as I get a nice cold beer out of the fridge.  These images are making me a little whoosy!