Dealing with the unexpected, Saga of a torn ACL

The Knee Update Report – The News and it’s what I feared

Hi Readers,

I have the results of my MRI and it doesn’t look good.  I’ve posted the image, mostly so you all can be as grossed out as I am over this.

Acute ACL Tear...Oh the Joy!I circled the area that was of great concern to both me and Dr. Kim.  It shows the ACL (thanks to my Google Medical Degree I can use that term with confidence now) torn from the femur.

Normally we should see a black band (the tendon) going from the front of the tibia (you can see that) all the way up and attaching to the back of the femur bone.  The impression results from the report calls this an Acute ACL Tear.

Is tear (ripped) and tear (to cry) the same? In the English language there are two meanings to this word, and if a person could tear up while trying to comprehend a tear then that is precisely how I felt.  It’s the worst of news, well, the worst that I could have heard anyway.  I know it really could have been like a lot worse, such as a broken leg but I would have known that by now.

Dr. Kim was very surprised by the findings as he didn’t think my leg was all that bad when he examined it.  In fact, the area he thought was sprained (which it was) has all healed up and doesn’t hurt anymore.  In the report they called this a Level I to II Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain (MCL).  Even though that’s all healed they still could see that on the MRI…so that is amazing.

Meniscus Tear...ouch!The other big thing that showed up was this tear in the meniscus.  This came off the bone when the ligament tore up.  You can see the arrow pointing to what sort of looks like a black circle.  The black circle should be connected to the black triangle next to it.  So basically there is this cushioning material that is just flapping around down there…and I’m sure that is what is causing a lot of my pain.  And this is what was the cause of the blood and some of the swelling.

There were some other things that showed up like blood and bruising in the bones and typical swelling but those two were the biggies.  Dr. Kim said I’d live.

That’s all I needed to hear.  I’ll live people!

But if I want to be active I would need to have surgery to completely overhaul the tendon and clip/smooth out the meniscus.  Friends, we all take walking so very much for granted!

Anyway…I had to make some decisions whether to have a cadaver tendon (just grosses me out just thinking about it) or to harvest a tendon from my own body (grosses me out too…but not as much).  I chose the harvest.  I mean, what the heck…it is almost the harvest season right?  It’s apropos! (sick).  A little humor friends…have some humor!

So surgery is now scheduled for August 30th and there’s a list of 101 things I need to do to prepare prior to the reconstruction.  I’ll post more about that later but one thing I MUST do is sew up a little Crutch Clutch for my crutches.

That was something I could have used during my initial convalescence, but instead used my quilted ruck sack — badly in need of repair.  I think together we can work out a good design don’t you think?

…more later…



2 thoughts on “The Knee Update Report – The News and it’s what I feared”

  1. I don’t know, Cathy, this is kind of freaking me out! AND I have seen this for real while working in surgery years ago, but then it wasn’t personal, maybe.
    August 30 sounds like a good day, but it’s only a week and a half before we need to be at Kevin’s. I wonder how long you would be in the hospital? Maybe, with having the cadaver parts, the recovery will go along a bit faster, like you said, but you still won’t be able to do anything for several weeks!
    As for the crutch bag… I know I had saved some ideas for walker and wheelchair bags and that would be a lot easier to deal with. Maybe you should consider a walker??? (as well as crutches?) also consider Canadian Crutches, the kind that do not go under the armpit. I’m sure the rehab people have lots of good ideas. You need the walker that would allow you to sit down and rest! They make some really nifty ones and it might be a good investment or you could sell it after you no longer need it. It would make getting around so much easier for you.


  2. Hi Mom, They said it is an outpatient job. I’d be in and out on the same day. So that is why I have to order a full leg brace…yet to be fitted but the process is in the works. They do the surgery, put me in this brace, and wheel me out to the parking garage! Ha ha ha!!!

    Actually, the more I think about it the more I think it’s not going to be too bad. I think the worst is over and now it will just be the therapy to get back.
    I need to lose some weight though. This stationary lifestyle has not been good for the waisline!!!

    Yes…please check your patterns, I also need to make some kind of remote control bag for the new chairs!
    Love you!


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