Dealing with the unexpected

Dealing With The Unexpected – 7 Inches of Rain plus No Power =

Creative ingenuity!

Yesterday, early morning.  I’m talking REALLY early morning about 2:20am the animals were restless.  Einstein barked and I woke up to find that the Heavens had unleashed a massive storm!  It was raining Cats and Dogs buckets and buckets of water and about 2:45am the power went out!

I heard the battery backup system kick in on the sump pump (see above) and I waited about 1/2 hour to see if the sump pump would empty anything.  I could hear a trickle but knew I needed to wake Jim.

I waited a few more minutes, still debating on if I should get him out of bed, but ever since I was a teenager I have post traumatic stress flashbacks from a time when our family basement flooded and all of us kids couldn’t bail out the water fast enough.  We bailed for hours but the water ended up beating us.  That experience has taught me that power outages combined with massive rain do not equal dry basements!

So I lit a candle and went back upstairs to wake up Jim.

“Jim, wake up…

The power’s out and it’s really raining….haven’t heard the sump pump…

For a few hours Jim watched over the sump pit and hand bailed out the water.  We talked about the power outlets in our cars and that gave him an idea.
In our truck we have a regular power outlet that we can use to charge up a small motor.  For hours until the sun came up Jim had the power outlet charging up the back-up battery but as soon as he was able he went to the hardware store and picked up a little pump called a ‘drill pump’.

I’d never heard of such a thing.  But apparently they’ve been around a while.  Anyhoo…he attached Don Steiner’s old Craftsman power drill, the one Don gave him before we were married, up to the drill pump and ran a garden hose out the window.  Success!!!  Can you believe it?

Once everything was on auto-mode the bailing and watching the equipment took on a more relaxed atmosphere.

I found Jim set up like this in the basement reading by flashlight, headphones over the ears because of the shrill of the power drill, just passing the time.  Making sure everything was working.

We carried on like this for another 12 or so hours and at about 11:30pm the water was down enough, and not coming up as quickly, that we were able to shut everything down and go to bed.  The power came back on thankfully somewhere around 3 am Sunday morning.  Whew!!!!

That was a close call.  Many of our neighbors were not as fortunate.  And to think if Einstein hadn’t barked I probably would have slept through it and we would have had to be cleaning up a flood instead!!!

And now that the power is back on, it’s time to start my crutch bag project!