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The Crutch Bag Project – Some Side Panels?

Now that the Front and the Back are cut out I ponder whether or not I need to add in a side panel.  My instinct is telling me to do it but I’m not so sure.  I don’t have enough bag experience to unequivocally say to myself “yes…you need a side panel…” but I have made a number of tote bags…and own another number of those Green grocery bags that get picked up every now and then.  Those seem to have a side panel, at least the ones that open out wide enough to actually allow groceries into them!

And now that I think about the paper bag, I guess that has a little side panel folded in too.  But I don’t need it to go all the way down do I?  I’m thinking that the opening would be the most important.  I can’t have it just straight across the top with no give, a water bottle certainly would not have enough room.

I roughly gauge the width of a side panel by holding it up against the crutch.

Then draw out the pattern.  Since I’m thinking I want to taper in the side panels I rough that in as well.

Fold the pattern in half to make sure each side is the same, check it against the front/back pattern piece And cut the pattern out.I like this pink coordinate fabric.  It is another Bari J. from the Full Bloom collection.

Tomorrow I’ll quilt this fabric and sew up these sides to check the fit.