The Crutch Bag Project – Drafting Up an Idea

I have an idea of what I want in the bag I want to attach to my crutch.  Right now it’s just in my head so as I work through this idea I’m thinking that I’ll try and work through this design as I sew it.

One thing that this design must do is hold a can of soda (pop) or a water bottle.  That was the one thing I needed to get out of the fridge the most during the day back when I was recovering from my initial knee injury.

So to start this project I first trace out an outline of the crutch below the handle.I place a water bottle in the hollow space between the frame and just roughly mark out some location guides.Then with a ruler, straighten up these outlines, add a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the sides and cut out the pattern.This photo above shows what I was drawing up.  The top most line is the center of the wrist/handle pad.  I check the positioning as I’m thinking that I might want to make sure I have enough room for a full hand grip.Just what I thought, too high.  I lower the top of the bag location and mark in a new line.  I cut out this pattern piece.Next I select some fabrics.  These are Bari J. fabrics from her first collection.  Bari, in case you are reading this ,I’m finally using your fabrics you so generously gave me!  I know it won’t even make a dent but it’s a start.  I washed and dried all of these and just laid out a selection to get an idea of what I thought would work together.I decide on this larger print, cut two pieces larger than the pattern piece, layer together a quilt sandwich, pin in place and take it to the sewing machine for some free motion quilting.I just quilt all over.  This is good practice.  I can tell I need experience but this is mindless and fun!Once quilted I lay on the pattern pieces and cut out a front and a back.I ponder my next step, but before I take any action I sketch up something on the scrap tissue.I’m trying to think how this will all go together and attach to the crutch.  I think I might need a side panel and some kind of strap for the top and for the bottom.  That’s as far as I got today…so stay tuned!


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