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The Crutch Bag Project – Adding An Outside Pocket

Before I sew up the other side panel I was thinking about adding an outside pocket.  I don’t want to think too much here, just add on a quickie patch pocket to see how it will work.

First I make a pattern and add on 1/2″ seam allowance.

Then I fussy cut out a little birdie from another Bari J. fabric from her Full Bloom line.  I put the bird in the upper left third of the pocket instead of square in the middle…a little design lesson I learned in art class.  Something about a pleasing composition or what not.  But I think if the bird was in the middle would look just fine too!

I baste stitch along the 1/2″ seam allowance.  This will give me a marker for folding and pressing.  This is a little trick that Mom taught me a long, long, time ago!

Fold and press along the outer edges.  Bottom first then the sides.

Next, fold down the top and sew the edges right sides together.  I am folding down a few inches (what looked good to me) and clip the corners like so…

This will help eliminate some of the bulk when you turn it right side out…then turn right side out, press and stitch this flap down. I used two lines of stitching like so…

Next, pin and stitch the pocket to the front of the bag.  I eye balled a location that looked good to me.

Be sure to back stitch a few times at the beginning and end along the top of the pocket.  This should be sufficient to keep it from pulling off during heavy use.Then I sewed on the other side panel…and could have the crutch do it’s first fitting!

I think it might be a little bit too wide…just a smidge but won’t know for sure until I get the water bottle put in.  The bag will expand outward as it compensates for the curve of the bottle.  I also see that I might want to trim down the seam allowances if I opt for a bound edge.

Both Jim and Mom sent me some links to a few sites that sell crutch bags.  This one shows a water bottle on the outside of the bag in it’s own pouch and this one has a video demonstrating how the strap is attached.  Next is to figure out the strap…so some great inspiration here!  Thanks Jim, Thanks Mom!

Stay tuned!


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  1. Fabulous – My group works making items for care or comfort for disabled Veterans who are injured in service, or become ill for whatever reason once home, or retired!



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