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The Crutch Bag Project – The Edge Binding and Reveal!

Wow!  I really love my new crutch bag!She’s all finished and currently ready to go to work for me!

The last step in the process of making this bag was to attach the bias binding around the raw seam edges.  I added a little loop and button to the top of the bag as well.  That treatment should help keep the top of the bag from gaping open too much.

Here’s how I did it…

I cut a bias from more of Bari J.’s collection of fabrics, attach the ends together to make one long piece… And pin the bias to the raw edges.  I sew on the 1/4″ seam line…Turn and top stitch.  On this green edge I used a straight stitch.  In my mind I’m much better at this than in real life so for the top edge…I used another color and decided to Zig Zag the top stitching!But first sewed on a wee little button loop to help pull the top closed…There, now you can see the zig zag along the top.  Much much better!!!! A very good cover up for poor top stitching!!And here she is during her photo shoot…

Wooo Hooo!

Now guess what I did this morning?


I practiced



and practiced…and practiced some more to get my nerve up to Machine Quilt the Carolina Christmas quilt I started quilting last summer by hand!!!!  Remember that project?  It just sat and sat and sat and I seriously don’t think I can quilt it by hand…I want it NOW!!!

And since the couch is on hiatus from it’s slipcover project…I have room!!! (please…don’t look too closely at my mess…)

Yay!!!! Wheeee!

It’s going to happen people!  I’m going for it!

…more to come…


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  1. Love your choice of fabrics on your crutch bag! What a great idea too. I’ve seen many walker/wheelchair bags, but never anything for crutches. Nicely done.


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