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Quilting The Carolina Christmas – The Spiral Border!

The Quilting is Finished!!!!

I completed the spiral quilting of the border this afternoon.  I made a quick video for your viewing pleasure.  There is some narration, but it’s my first production at that so go easy on me!  Anyhoosy…here’s the vid:

Now all I need to do is the binding!  My FIRST binding, yikes.

Yes…I haven’t bound a quilt this big, just small stuff.  I’ve been looking at videos on you-tube so I think I have an idea how the process works but I remember a few years back seeing a video on machine quilting by Ricky Tims.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I think I’ll stop off at the library and see if it’s available for check out.  I just remember he did something really cool with the binding!


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