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I think I found what I was looking for! — The Ricky Tims Binding


After a little research I found what I was looking for!This is the video that shows, among other amazing things, his method for doing a machine binding.  I found it at the library and watched the chapter about the binding last night.

This technique is actually very similar to how I did the binding on the Crutch Bag Project and too, how I do my neckline trims on knits, stitching the binding to the Wrong side (or Back) and turning it over to the front for finishing.  Funny I guess how references can be found in many places!

Here is one of Ricky Tims’ quilts (the Fire Dragon Rhapsody).  Do you see that little binding accent?  Look closely, I know, it’s subtle from far away on a big quilt.But what I really wanted to see was the technique for putting in the accent piping.  This is what I’m going to do to finish off the Carolina Christmas Mystery Quilt.  Ricky said it would probably take about 5 hours to complete so I’m thinking this weekend will be the opportune time to tackle it.

It will be nice to get it all done, photographed and get on to the next big project!  I have so many that I want to finish!

Let me know if any of you have put on this piped machine binding to a quilt.  I’d love to hear your feedback!


4 thoughts on “I think I found what I was looking for! — The Ricky Tims Binding”

  1. Hi Kathy, I hope you enjoyed the piped binding process. I do LOVE it because there is no handwork. The corners can be tricky to learn doing the full miter, but once that is conquered it’s a snap. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting your friends know about Grand Finale. If anyone can’t find it at their library we have it online at – hugs! Ricky


    1. Thank you Ricky! This technique looks so great on your quilts I can’t wait to do it on this one. I’ll be posting my attempt right here! Thanks for stopping off at my little blog! Wow…now the REAL pressure is on…THE Ricky Tims is checking my progress…yikes!!

      Thanks again, I will check out the website for your videos, after re-watching the Grand Finale I am so inspired!


  2. Cathy, In love Ricky method I have used it several times but when i moved my kids packed me because I couldn’t go up stairs. Since moving I have not found either my seminar book or my DVD which i always uses when i get to the part if mitering the corners. If I don’t use the piping I have no problem but I never know how to measure it right with the piping. do you have any suggestions so I can finish my quilt.


    1. Hi Carol, yes. Let me think on it for a moment and I’ll get back to you! From memory I believe those corners were a bit tricky because you are going from the wrong side to the right side of the quilt.


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