Carolina Christmas Quilt

The Ricky Tim’s Binding – Practicing My Piping!

I attached my new pintuck foot, the 46c (wide), cut my 1 inch strips and two strands of the No. 5 Perle Cotton, set up the thread with the invisible thread and started to stitch.

I decided to use the leftover fabric from the edges around my quilt backing.  Turned out, I don’t have any fabric with enough length to give me a long piece without having to miter two pieces together and I thought this red will read as a solid for the piping would be the best choice.

Here’s a better picture of one of these strips finishing up.  I know I’m going slow but I want to make sure I’m doing this process right.  Since this is the first time doing the Ricky Tims binding…and the first time binding such a big quilt I DON”T want to make a mistake!

I should hopefully have this finished soon as I’ll have several days off due to that darned surgery I’m scheduled for this Tuesday!

After the piping step I chose to use this neutral for the binding.  Once again it will have to be pieced so here is a peak …Appropro for the Christmassy theme.

Till the next step!


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