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Geeze, Prepping for The RTB is a Lot of Work!

Hi Everyone,

About the only thing accomplished this weekend on the Ricky Tims Binding (RTB) was the squaring and trimming of the quilt.I watched the video several more times and wrote down what I was going to need.  I needed to find Water Soluble Thread (who knew there was such a thing), a Pintuck Foot, and Edge Foot, some matching thread and No. 3 Perle Cotton.I found the threads and the Edge Foot but the pintuck foot…any of the 3, 5, 7, 9 pintuck style feet that Ricky was using were not offered at the Bernina Store I went to.  They could be ordered but there was another pintuck type foot for wide pintucks which I’m sure will work for this technique but the one thing I just couldn’t find was No. 3 Perle Cotton.  I had to settle for No. 5 and the woman helping me at the shop suggested I double up the strands to give it a little bit more thickness.  I suppose that will work.

There’s some iffy substitution but I’ll just have to go with it and let you all know how it works out!

I pulled out the remainder of the fabrics I used that still have some substance to them and decide that I may just need to piece these together for a scrappy look.  The green strips for the piping and the neutrals for the binding.  I have some red check I could use up if this idea doesn’t pan out…we’ll just have to go for it!In other news, and possibly why I haven’t yet sat down at the machine to get this rolling is…


About 12 pounds with a fierce attitude!

More on that one later!


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  1. No, no, no. You cannot settle for number 5! It is No. 3 Perle Cotton that you want. — Cute photos of the dogs. The new fluffy little thing is darling.


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