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ACL Surgery Status – And some busy work

Hi Everyone,

Tuesday was my long awaited surgery so I wanted to send out a quick note to let you all know my ACL reconstruction went well.  I was a little nervous but the hospital staff was very good and I think Dr. Mitchel…the anesthesiologist is my new best friend!

When I came to, my surgeon said there was a lot of cartilage damage that he had to clean up but the meniscus looked really good.  So it was most likely all this cartilage floating around that was causing me not to straighten my leg.  All in all it was a lot better than what he expected.

The new ACL was attached using calcium screws that will eventually dissolve into bone…pretty cool…so there isn’t going to be a need to have screws taken out.  I know it must be a success because for the first time in two months I was able to sleep on my back with BOTH legs straightened out!

Oh those little things!

Anyhoosy, right now all I can do is sit and work on small things.Which brings me to this old quilt topper that I am taking apart.

Friends, this is one of those first quilt projects I ever attempted and the results were hideous.  I wasn’t about to throw it away so it sat in a box for…gosh…14 years!!!  It wasn’t until now that I’ve had enough practice and experience to know how to fix and re-make this.So from this (above) I have taken apart the blocks, squared them up, re-sewn them together and added a 16 patch block to alternate…

and I love how it is coming together.

Do any of you have projects that have just sat around until you’ve had enough experience and confidence to correctly fix?

But back to the recovery…I hope to be able to sit in a day or two at the machine and get the Ricky Tims binding all finished…

~Stay Tuned!


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