Dealing with the unexpected, Saga of a torn ACL

Gross Knee Anotomy – ACL reconstruction week one

This past Friday I had my post op Doctor’s Appointment and there were some pictures the Doc wanted to show me.  How fun huh?

So as the nurse rips off the bandages and re-tapes me up the Doc shares his detailed handiwork and very GRAPHIC photos of the inside of my knee.  Very sexy!

Two are above, I’ll spare you all the others as I couldn’t really tell you what in the world we would be looking at.  I was actually quite impressed that he was able to do this all through one little incision.

The left photo shows the calcium screw and the right photo shows the pateller tendon installed in it’s new location as my new ACL.

I had some redness around the pateller tendon incision and I was worried about a possible infection so I was prescribed an antibiotic.  I hope it doesn’t turn serious.  The last thing I want is to battle a post op infection complication!  Yikes!  So far so good though, as I’m finishing up this post on Monday and despite a few days of being really whoosy I’m doing much better.

I watched delayed programming of this week’s Project Runway episode and can’t help wondering if these photos somehow can’t be segued into the latest runway Avant Gard fashion!  Ha Ha Ha!!!  That’s my mind at work…I MUST GET BUSY doing something!  I hate just lying around.

Mom and Dad left on Saturday and emailed that they had arrived home safe and sound and prepping for their trip to San Francisco.  It was really great having them here to help and I must have needed it because yesterday I slept about 12 hours!!!

Tho that could have been because of the buildup of all the drugs in my system and feeling not so great.

This morning I brought down more of the blue pinwheels to work on while I watch tv and If I can get up the strength to wrangle the Carolina Christmas Quilt will hopefully be able to put on another side of the binding.

I’ll have more later!  Enjoy this Labor Day everyone.  Here, the weather is just spectacular (wish I could be at the waterfront or poolside but there’s always next year) and plan to enjoy it as much as I can!  Jim took Einstein on a train trip this morning…hope he does okay!

Talk soon!