1 thought on “Dealing With The Unexpected – Just Call Me ‘Lead Foot’ – Besides ‘Gimp’ of course”

  1. I’m reading all your entries and enjoying the saga. Can’t get this video, it comes up PRIVATE.
    The love seat is irresistible to me too! Don’t blame you a bit for adopting it. Good luck with a cover. In the meantime, don’t you just love a white sofa?!
    As for the pool, I have not been swimming since we got back from Chicago and the bones are not liking it at all. I wish I could develop more discipline. But ahhh… the scales were kind to me this A.M. Still losing even with all the extras I have been consuming. Guess I am better at following the plan than I thought. This cruise coming up will be another story because I do not plan on taking any diet food with me!
    Will get back to you in more depth soon.
    Love, MOM


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