Pet Antics!

Here’s just a few minutes of my morning…

This morning Jim let Chloe out about 5:00am.  She’d slept all night upstairs so she was well rested for her hunt this morning.  It didn’t take long.  She came over the neighbors fence when she saw us come outside.  She had a mouse in her mouth…and decided it would be fun to show the dogs!

This about 6:30am so the sun has not quite come up yet.

Cheers everyone!


2 thoughts on “Here’s just a few minutes of my morning…”

  1. Soo cute! If that had been my dogs, the schnauzer would have been yapping and waking up the whole neighborhood. And now I realize just how much overweight my yellow lab is. Her name is Phoebe, what is your dog’s name?


    1. yes! those schnauzer’s are notorious for barking! We have two just a few doors down, but they are very sweet.

      Everybody gets along just great, although Holly is still being worked on. Einstein is the CCI dog we are raising. He is only a year and a half old. A real sweatie.


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