A New Used Sofa ready for a Slipcover! And the price was Right!

Einstein checks out the new sofa.

Hi Friends,

Yesterday, a couple of things happened that amounted to me taking delivery of this slightly lovingly used Flexsteel loveseat.

My brother called to let me know he was in town and wanted to come for a visit and Holly’s owner called to let me know her Mother’s sofa was ready for me if I wanted to pick it up!  I took that opportunity to have my brother, along with Jim bring the sofa over!  Isn’t it cute?

The backstory on that little piece of information is this.  When I went to visit Holly before we agreed to take her into our custody, her owner’s Mom wanted to know if I knew anyone that could help her get rid of her sofa.  She was just about to throw it over her balcony and into the trash!  She had been trying for weeks to sell it but no offers were ever made!

Uh, hello?

This sofa is really quite nice and very comfortable.  A good classic style with clean lines.  The only thing not going for it is the fact that it’s white, but hey, a slipcover can change that!

I asked her how much she wanted for it and she said I could have it!  Seeing that I was already helping her by taking care of Holly.  I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to finally have a loveseat size piece added to my collection of furniture in the living room.  And the price is right, don’t you think?

I figure with a slipcover it’s going to look as cute as can be!  But alas, you all know I’ve just added on another little project for myself —-in time, I say, in time.

And something else I thought about as I write this post, isn’t this another example of something coming back to you when you give of yourself or donate your time and energy?  I mean, I would never have been in the position to get a sofa if I hadn’t agreed to foster a dog while my friend goes to school.  I’m always amazed how these little things work you know?

More later…