Pet Antics!

The Three Mousekateers

The Three Mousekateers snuggled up together for a little afternoon nap.

Doesn’t really matter how much I try and protect the sofa with blankets.  They all find a way to remove the blankets, rearrange the blankets or just pile them together for a comfy place to nap.

This is how I found them yesterday.  I had to sneak the camera quietly in order to capture this moment.



1 thought on “The Three Mousekateers”

  1. That looks like my house! I have a lab and a little dog, only he’s grey, aka Miniature Schnauzer. I don’t have a calico but one orange and two blacks. Does that count? And for some reason when I bring out the camera, the schnauzer slinks off as if he’s afraid.


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