The Little Wheels Quilt Project – Mid Section Finished, On to the Border!

Hey Everyone!

That’s right!  I’m on to the borders now for this little baby quilt I’m making.  I finished all of the Wheel blocks over the weekend and sewed the rows together.  In each of the rows I put a Wheel block of every color.  It was a little tricky, sort of like a sudoku puzzle, but it all worked out and I’m pleased with the arrangement.  And now I’m trying to figure out a pleasing border.

I sewed these additional 4 patches and have settled on an On-Point layout around the quilt for them. The question now will be how to figure out how many and how big to make the inner border so everything will line up correctly.

After several hours pondering that question I believe that I make the border and then work backwards to figure out the width of the blue strip (inner border here as seen above).  It seems logical to me but if any of you have experience with that please let me know!

Have a great day…I’ll keep plugging away!