Saga of a torn ACL

Saga of a torn ACL – 6 Weeks Post Op

Hi ACL Followers and Friends,

I think it’s been a few weeks since I’ve put up an update on my knee progress so I’ll get to that now.  I don’t have a picture yet to post with this but I’ll see what I can do about that as today I have a therapy session and I want to get a vid of me walking (or trying to walk!).

Friends, here is where I’m at.  If I do the exercise called ‘Wall Slides’ I can get my knee to bend almost to 115-120 degrees!  That is such huge progress for me.  So far I’ve only been measured at 108 on my own and 112 with help.  I’ve been telling the therapist that it just feels like the knee needs to ‘pop’ a little at the top and it will go more.  Of course they have all said ‘no, no, no pop!’ so I’m heading their advice.  But dang it, it just feels that way you know?

So yesterday, during my ‘wall slide’ exercise I could feel the top of the knee do a little pop.  I think these little sounds must be all the tissues and fibers and cartilage and bone just getting back to working.  It felt fine and the knee bent a lot more.  I’m hopefull that this morning I’ll get a good measurement!

I am also walking without crutches too.  I had my follow up Dr. appointment September 30th and he told me to spend the next few days after the appointment trying to walk without the brace.  After about 3 days I was brace and crutch free!!!  What a relief that is to not have to walk with those aids.  Six weeks post op I still have some pain getting the leg to straighten while walking but I’m doing pretty good.  I do have a limp that I’m working on but with conscious effort I can make it go away.  In time it will.

I have ridden my bike too!  I am only getting around the pedal using my heel and sometimes the middle section of the foot but that is HUGE progress for me.  Don’t worry, I’ve only been riding on the bike trail and it is very flat.  The Midwest is unfortunately a very FLAT place.  I find that I can control the bike very well and as long as I’m on the path I feel safe.

Oh but don’t tell the therapist yet as they’d probably have a conniption fit.

“You’re Doing WHAT?!”


It’s just better we keep that to ourselves okay?

Anyhoo…I’m off to therapy so talk to you all again soon!