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My Method for Putting Away The Leftovers – Once The Quilt is Finished!

Heya Friends!

I’m working on packing up my temporary sewing area at the dining room table.  It’s been a fun few months at my new location but it is now time to pack it all up and bring it back upstairs.  I’m nearly able to get up and down the stairs (almost the whole way with out peg-legging) so I’m sorting the scraps that can be saved, folding fabric to get put away and tossing anything that I have no idea what to do with from the Little Wheels Project.

Here is just some of the pile of strips, scraps and leftovers.

I thought you all might want to know my method for  putting all of this away so it not only has a home but is ready for the next project.  Just what does one do with all this leftover?

The first thing I do is sort out all the ‘strings’ and the ‘crumbs’.  Strings are all those long strips of fabric that are less than 2″ wide and are the wacky cuts you make when squaring up. a piece of fabric.  I put those in a ‘String’ basket.Then the ‘crumbs’ go into a ‘Crumb’ basket.  Crumbs are all those oddly shaped pieces that are just too big to throw away.  Things like strings that end up less than 12 inches, rectangles, squares that aren’t square, spare triangles, odd ends of fat quarters…things like that.It all gets tossed into the crumb basket..Every now and then I’ll sit down with one of these baskets and make up some crumb blocks or some string blocks.  These blocks can be quite useful, remember this one below?  I used crumbs and scrap batting earlier this year to make my car organizer…I know eventually I’ll have enough crumb squares to put together a full size quilt but little projects like this, those are fun too!

I had some leftover 3-7/8″ strips and since this was a new size for me, those got their own baggie…The larger pieces of fabrics were re-folded,And the leftover batting that was too small for anything, along with any fabric too small to save…Went into the recycle bin…

That’s just a paper bag that will go into the bin.  The 100% cotton fibers will biodegrade just nicely.

And that’s it!  Ready to start the next project!


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