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The Little Wheels Quilt Project – All Finished!!

Hey Gang!

The Little Wheels Quilt Project is all finished!  Whoo Hoo!

I put the last stitch in last night and just this morning I brought it outside (careful not to let the neighbor see it!) and took some photos.  I think these photos came out a little better and I hope you can see these!!!

Front View…Back View…close up…close up…close up…The label…From a distance…Ta Da!

You know, I’m not that great of a quilter, but with each one of these quilts that I’m doing…and finishing… I find myself trying new things and really enjoying this whole quilting process.  I’m starting to understand the thrill of the reveal and can see how quilting really can get addictive!

If you look closely my stitches aren’t the best, and I used to really worry about that!  Eggh!  I just found a whole new attitude to quilting and really realizing that mistakes are okay and ever since going to Paducah and seeing those machine quilted quilts done way back in the 1920’s – 30’s I feel so liberated to just go for it!  And even though it does take some time I find that it is very relaxing, creative, and if you have someone special in mind for the receiving end they look past all those mistakes and just see something beautiful!  Sewing friends…you all can do this too!

If anyone would like this complete pattern just shoot me a message or comment below.

Friends…I’m going to go crash now… and think about the next project that’s going to get completed!  Will it be a quilt?  Will it be clothes?  Both?

Talk soon!


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