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The Dream Sewing Space – The Archeological Dig Begins!

Hi Friends!

While the Rye bread was baking I began to tackle this sewing room.DSCF2981

It’s easy to walk into this room, give a big sigh, walk out, close the door and forget about all this mayhem in here!  It’s not my fault though, it’s inherent in my family genes.  No seriously!  It’s true!   My Dad confirmed it to me in September while he was here.  We just have a very hard time throwing anything away! 

Now, the key words there are HARD and TIME.  We DO throw things away friends, lots of stuff.  I have proof, but we also like to COLLECT things and keep them around awhile.  It’s comforting you know?  And then there’s the messiness factor.  I’m a messy artsy creative person! Always have been.  My things and projects need to be OUT in the open where I can see them, but I do LOVE organization.  It is a balancing act, I fly through projects when I’m organized, and yet I have to have things out!  I think every sewer or artist must go through this and each one of us must spend some time every so often to take inventory of what they have and purge, organize, and re-group.  Can’t move forward without it.

So…to organize, here’s the methodology I use.  First, I like to pretend I have four people standing next to me as I do this.  There’s Peter Walsh telling me I just don’t NEED this Stuff, then there’s the Fly Lady helping me fly all the Stuff out of the house , Ty Pennington is there with his bull horn shouting at me “C’mon people!  We got work to do!” and then there’s my Mom who is always coming up with clever ideas to organize things.  She always has some trick up her sleeve!  Then lastly I jump right into my 7 steps to gettin it together:

1. Remove everything from the section.
2. Clean the area
3. Decide what the area is going to be (for this area it is my pressing equipment center)
4. Put back only those items that SHOULD be in this space!

DSCF2982 5. If there isn’t enough space then I have to tell myself I either have too much STUFF or the items are just not organized efficiently.
6. Throw garbage away and give extra and unused items to charity or some other worthy person.
7. Move on to the next section.

So there you have it.  Unless I think of something else that’s my 7 steps to getting clean and organized.  As you see the work in progress, I’ve used the bottom shelf to house my embroidery hoops.  The middle shelf has all my pressing equipment including spray starch, needle board, clappers and sleeve board.  Oh…somewhere I have a pressing ham and I suspect that will show up eventually!  I’ll have to move the lint rollers once that gets uncovered!

And eventually the area will take shape:DSCF2996

The pressing station complete I’ve now moved onto the first cabinet. 

So far, the archeological dig has uncovered lots of nearly empty spools of thread…DSCF3002

A dolls hairbrush? A Clown head? and the Lever Control button off of my Mom’s old Singer Touch & Sew!  Now that’s funny!


I hope to get this first cabinet finished on Saturday and move on to the second cabinet.  I’m dreading that one, it’s going to be a challenge!

See ya soon!


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