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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving!  We are travelling this holiday, this time back to Fort Wayne for an extended with Jim’s family.  All of his siblings plus nieces and nephew will be there so it is very exciting!

As part of being thankful for all that we have, we decided this year to put together a Thanksgiving Basket for a family in need in our parish.  I laughed when the news said the average Thanksgiving family meal was going to cost $46.  Are they serious?  They haven’t shopped with me!  And certainly they must be buying ready made goods because after shopping for this basket I can tell you it is much much more than $46!DSCF3033

But I’m a scratch girl.  Thanksgiving must be made from scratch!

We filled 3 boxes full with all the supplies to make an amazing Thanksgiving feast.  We figure the family should have enough food for at least a week!DSCF3024

If not longer!

Enjoy your holiday and make sure to eat lots and lots of Turkey and pie!


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