Fabric Shops

A Sewer Can’t Go Through L.A. Without A Mood Stop!

If you’ve ever been to Mood in NYC then this L.A. version will give you a little sense that you are home.


I wanted to come and visit the store for several reasons.  Curiosity being the first one, you know.  Was this shop as big as the one in New York?  It’s not but there is plenty here to keep any sewer or designer busy with hours upon hours of dreaming or contemplating what these fabrics will be best suited for.

Now that I have been to the store I know that I cannot return to L.A. again without stopping in.  The staff is ever so friendly and super fun to work with to find the right fabrics for your next project!  That could be because I was the only customer in the store but nevertheless…super fun with an L.A. vibe!

DSCF0114 Knowing that I could just be in here all day I gave myself 30 minutes.  I first looked at these beautiful silks, very dreamy, but went to find the knits.  I’m always on the lookout for knits, good quality knits.  Back home it’s hit or miss most often then not and I was not disappointed here at Mood.  Sections upon sections of gorgeous knits!

I found two lovely sweater knits, one wool and another a loose knit of mohair and wool.  Sorry, no photo as of yet, but quite beautiful.  I’m hoping to produce a cowl neck with one and the other some sort of sweater cover up type design.  I’ve promised myself in the New Year that I’ll be sewing more for my wardrobe as I really am in desperate need of a wardrobe overhaul and makeover!  LOL!

DSCF0122 At this point of this post you’d expect me to say that I can’t wait to get home and start sewing on my new wardrobe but I’d like to hold that thought for just a few more days.  I really am LOVING this sunshine here in Southern CA and winter in the Mid-West lasts through March.  Those thoughts can certainly wait another week!  For Sure!