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Monday at the Reagan Library

Hi Friends!

Did you have a nice Christmas?  Or Hanukkah?  We had a wonderful day with presents for everyone and lots of food and festivities that included pizza on the grill!

So today we drove up to the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.DSCF0034

Jim and I have this little thing about going to all of the Presidential Libraries…if you remember, last year we visited Clinton when we were in Arkansas so I suppose it would only be appropriate to make sure we visit the Reagan while we are here in California!

DSCF0035 The library sits atop a hill overlooking mountains and valleys, small ranches and some very large homes.

DSCF0074 More photos of the Library below in the gallery…(I apologize for some of the photos being sideways…still not sure how to upload them right ways round…)

It was a great visit even though we did have to battle the HUGE crowds.  Seriously, we couldn’t believe how many people were there but we were very lucky.  You see, there was a power outage about 30 minutes prior to our arrival and a very long line had started to form at the entrance.  A young lady walked up to the family in front of us and asked if they would like to go to the head of the line by purchasing a membership to the museum.  They said no but I JUMPED at the offer!

For twenty dollars extra both Jim and I flew to the front of the line, received our special membership badges, a commemorative 2012 calendar, a leather bookmark, 10% off at the food stop and 20% off at the gift shop!  It practically paid for itself just by opting in.  We couldn’t have been happier to save ourselves an hour!

Friends, this is a beautiful museum.  A must see.  I will have to tell you that I get a little overwhelmed at the amount of adulation expressed at these libraries…including Clinton’s and Hoover’s, because seldom do they put on display the bad stuff for history to remember.  Nowhere did I find mention of Nancy’s astrologer, just like I never found mention of the blue dress at Clinton’s. Oh well, but if you do find yourself able to visit it IS a MUST SEE.  Just to see Air Force One will make it worth the trip!



3 thoughts on “Monday at the Reagan Library”

  1. Hi glad you and your hubby got too see it i never have, but like the pics oh my Christmas was spent with daughter ahd her husband and they found this precious wing back chair its 75 years old in perfect shape from the Bahamas and the material is lite biege with a hint of slignt green cast and flowers each one is small oval and printed gold around the circle and flowers lite so teeny petals of blue and green leaves and its tufted the whole back and top is carved wood of grapes and leafs like on each side the legs are carved of wood all the way too the seat and the arms are covered with the same material tuffed , iwish i could find the history of who were these people of course they had too underneath put a board of wood and framed it underneath too make it stronger sorry i am so on and on but i had too tell you by for now Happy New Years too You and Husband and Family renee


    1. The chair sounds lovely! What stories it could tell. Hopefully it will not get a lot of use since it is so old. I had to get rid of my old wing back chairs recently because they were falling apart. thanks Renee!


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