The JamCat Fleece Project – Installing the Lower Front Zipper

Hi Friends, me again…

So picking up where I left off yesterday I’m now ready to install the zipper in the Lower Front.

The first thing I need to do is mark with chalk the location of the zipper on the right side of the Lower Front fleece.DSCF0311 I just drew a line from the top to the bottom, not worrying about the length, as that part will be determined from the markings on the facing. 🙂  All I’m interested in here is that pocket angle.

Next, I position the Zipper Facing right sides together, pin and stitch along the guidelines I had previously marked.  In this instance it is the lines that are 1/8” away on either side of center…DSCF0401


This is what it looks like on the Back.

Then I cut down the center and into the corners at the bottom along the cutting lines…DSCF0405 I turn the facing to the back, steam press (I don’t press too hard because I don’t want to smash the fleece, nor melt it!) and then pin in place the zipper!

DSCF0406 I hand baste the zipper in place…DSCF0410 And then topstitch the zipper permanently in place…DSCF0414  Ta Da!DSCF0413 The right side is now complete, I do the same to the left side…

Next up…the Front Chest pockets!