The JamCat Fleece Project – Lining the Lower Fronts

Hi Everyone!

This is the last step for the Lower Fronts and then I move on to the Sleeves!  So all I need to do, now that the zippers are installed, is put a lining on the back.

I cut a piece of the Nylon Tricot a little bit larger than the Lower Front pattern piece.  There is no need to cut it out exactly as the pattern because what I’m going to do is baste it to the Lower Front pieces and I will be trimming it to the EXACT shape of the Lower Fronts once I get ready to sew.DSCF0416 I did mark a CF (center front) mark and an ^ (up arrow) to let me know right and wrong sides of the fabric as well as the direction.DSCF0419Then I just hand basted the two pieces together!  Now these two pieces will act as ONE unit for the rest of the sewing process and WILL NOT SLIP!DSCF0423Remember, that tricot stuff is slippy, slippy!

Just a note to myself, and for anyone else that wants to make this, about that tricot, I think the IDEAL fabric to line these pockets would be a flannel lined stretch knit.  I chose the tricot because that is what is in one of my husbands jackets for the pockets and it was easy to find.   However, if I ever do another jacket with fleece it might be kinda nice to keep my eyes open for a stretch flannel (or something of that nature!).

Next up…Sleeves!!!!