The JamCat Fleece Project – Attaching the Fronts to the Back

HI!  This is going to be a quick post as I only took a couple of pictures, and really only one of the jacket since the right side of the jacket is basicly the same as the left with one exception…I added a horizontal zippered chest pocket.DSCF0493

The pocket was sewn EXACTLY the same as the one on the left front so I don’t feel I need to re-post another zipper installation.  Once that pocket was finished I sewed the Back piece to the Fronts at the shoulder.

It was at about this time that I was serging the raw edges when the serger decided to completely shut down.  It had had enough!  Uggh!!!DSCF0495 I opened her up but couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  She’d been giving me problems earlier on with that third thread, remember?  I should have taken that as a warning sign!  Uggh!  I hate it when equipment breaks down!

This isn’t that greatest of sergers.  She dates back to 1991-2, before I was married.  She’s given me many years of good service for sure so I probably just need to give her a tune up.  Jim asked if I needed a new one!  (Love that man!)  In the meantime I have switched over to just using an overcast stitch on my Bernina.  Most machines have a stitch similar to this.  It is much slower than just using the serger machine but it looks nice and does the job.  Thank God for fancy stitches!DSCF0459

It is number 10 on my machine…

Till the next post…as I have been working on the sleeves all morning!  Whoo Hoo!  This project is beginning to look almost finished!